MSAAW: My Story As A (Wo)man

MSAAW Foundation is an organization with a team of passionate and committed individuals trying to constructively address the gender-based issues relevant to this day and age. Our future goal is to see each and every individual embrace themselves and march on to live life on their own terms in a gender equal society.


To engage, educate, and empower students to foster gender equality in society


The MSAAW Foundation aspires to help create a more gender equal society by focusing on changing the ideologies in educational institutions by conducting workshops, promoting conversations about relevant topics and helping understand the importance of a positive attitude to mental health issues.

Meet The Team

Subha Nivedha

CEO and Founder

Subha is a legal consultant, researcher and gender rights activist. She has been part of multiple NGOs working on human rights, gender rights and also animal welfare. She enjoys conducting workshops in schools and colleges on gender sensitivity, bystanders action and advocating for legal awareness. She has conducted social leadership training programmes and is actively involved in promoting gender inclusivity, LGBTQ rights and preventing gender based violence. She has been a speaker on several leadership platforms including TEDx. She founded the MSAAW Foundation when she was in law school and her passion is influenced by real life experiences.

Deepshika Arasu


Deepshika grew up in Chennai and pursued her undergraduate studies in Biotechnology at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal. She aspires to better understand the workings of the human brain and simultaneously destroy patriarchy in the society. As an intersectional feminist, she would like to empower individuals across the spectrum to find their voice and fight for their rights.

Board of Directors

Divya Balaji
Lavneeta Jalan
Meera Viswanathan

Our Work

We have conducted a variety of sessions.
Our work mainly involves:

  1. Gender sensitization and mental health awareness campaigns in schools.
  2. Making laws more accessible.
  3. Supporting victims through pro bono legal and psychological support.
  4. Promoting mentorship for the future generations of girls.


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